President's Message: Thank You for All You Do

Author: Angela Morris, Au.D.

The last few years have been exciting, but the next few years could be the most crucial period for ADA and its members. With a renewed focus on the independent practice and moving the profession of Audiology forward, now is the time for us to band together, continue to be transparent and guide ADA into the future.

With that being said, I wanted to use this time to tell every member of ADA, THANK YOU!

Thank you for seeing the future and wanting to do what is best both for your practices and for the patient. Thank you for your input at strategic planning meetings, member meetings and town hall meetings, when asked to participate. Thank you for volunteering to be on various committees that work hard for the betterment of the profession. Thank you for your generosity in giving of your time and money when ADA is fighting on your behalf. I could not be prouder of our organization and the members that make it the best Audiology organization there is.

ADA is nothing without its members, and I have been honored and humbled to serve as one of its leaders. The membership of ADA is second to none, and it amazes me that we have some of the best Audiologists in the field who believe in our mission. The work for ADA is far from over, but I have no doubt we will succeed in all we put our mind to because of the “AUDACITY” of our members.

Outcomes from the member meeting at the AuDacity conference will once again be used to shape the direction of ADA in the year to come, and I am so pleased to know that the future of audiology is in such great hands. Speaking of great—I am pleased to announce that Dr. Timothy Steele and Dr. Rachel Magann Faivre have been elected to the ADA Board of Directors!

With your help, we will continue to carry forward the ADA vision to ensure practitioner ownership of the profession of audiology through the advancement of autonomous practice models.

Thank you again, ADA members for all you do!