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June 14, 2022

Editor's Message: The Slow Progression of Research in a World of Constant Product Launches

March 15, 2022

Editor's Message: Best Practice is Good Business

December 9, 2021

Editor's Message: Keeping Up with Moore’s Law

September 22, 2021

Editor's Message: To Boost Outcomes for Hearing Aid Wearers, the Profession Should Commit to Telehealth Services

June 4, 2021

Editor's Message: Overcoming Hearing Aid Objections: It is More than Cost

March 5, 2021

Editor's Message: Treating Subclinical Hearing Loss is a Business Opportunity

December 18, 2020

Editor's Message: Disparities in Healthcare Quality Permeate Audiology, Too

July 13, 2020

Editor's Message: Technology Alone is Not Enough to Traverse the Digital Divide

January 10, 2020

Editor's Message: Using Market Segmentation to Identify Underserved Populations

October 9, 2019

Editor's Message: Clinical Judgments and Patient Centered Care

June 14, 2019

Editor's Message: The Importance of a Multi-Pronged Patient Acquisition Strategy

March 28, 2019

Editor's Message: Decoupling Service from the Traditional Consumer Value Chain

September 21, 2018

The Evolving Role of Audiology Requires Mastery of New Skills, Delegation of Others

June 18, 2018

Editor's Message: Cochlear Implants Go Mainstream

March 14, 2018

Editor's Message: The Iron Triangle of Hearing Healthcare

December 8, 2017

Editor's Message: Communication Breakdowns in the Clinic Are Cause for Concern: What Audiologists Can Do

June 5, 2017

Editor's Message: Moving Away from the Binary Service Delivery Model

March 7, 2017

Editor's Message: Closing the Gap Between What and How

December 20, 2016

Editor's Message: Putting a Human Face on Research – It’s More Important than Ever

September 19, 2016

Editor's Message: Audiologists Must Live in the Gray Area between Art and Science

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