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The AuDacity Experience: A Student’s Perspective

Have You Heard? (Fall/Winter 2020)

2021 Coding and Reimbursement Updates

Headquarter's Report: Ringing in the New Year and Bringing in Design Thinking

President's Message: A Most Challenging Year

Editor's Message: Disparities in Healthcare Quality Permeate Audiology, Too

Inspired to Give: Humanitarian Audiology in Practice

Escaping the HIPAA Minefield from Mobile Devices

Functional & Communication Needs Assessment Translating Results into Recommendations

Using an Unbundled Pricing Model to Drive Sustainability in a Large Academic Medical Audiology Clinic: A Case Study

The Value of Crafting Individualized Patient Goals

An Agile Approach to Measuring Patient Outcomes

Successfully Navigating the Shift in Third-party Reimbursements Post COVID-19

Editor's Message: Technology Alone is Not Enough to Traverse the Digital Divide

Headquarter's Report: Meet the AuDacity 2020 Conference Team

President's Message: Brave New World

The Source: Reimbursement Reminder

Have You Heard? (Summer 2020)

A Refreshing Change of Pace: Designing Innovative Provider and Patient Education in a Digital Space

Health Information Technology: Do’s and Don’ts for Today and Tomorrow

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