Have You Heard (June 2014)

Texas Academy of Audiology Endorses 18x18 Initiative
On April 11, the Texas Academy of Audiology (TAA) became the ninth national, state or regional organization to officially endorse the 18x18 Movement to advance legislation that will amend Title XVIII (18) by 2018 to:
  • Provide Medicare patients with direct access to audiologists, eliminating the need for a referral from a medical doctor.
  • Allow audiologists to be reimbursed for Medicare-covered services that are within their state-defined scope of practice.
  • Define audiologists as limited licensed physicians (LLP) under the Medicare program. This is the same status held by other non-medical doctor providers such as optometrists, dentists, chiropractors and podiatrists.
“When you think of Texas, you think of both freedom and autonomy! TAA’s support of the 18x18 Movement exemplifies its commitment to freedom of choice and access for Medicare patients and professional parity and autonomy for audiologists,” said ADA President, Brian Urban, Au.D. “We look forward to working with our TAA colleagues to advance 18x18 for the good of our patients and our profession.”

18x18 is a grass roots movement, embraced by audiologists who believe that safe, efficient and effective audiologic care is best achieved when patients have unrestricted access to their choice of qualified provider and when audiologists are recognized and reimbursed for the full scope of services that they provide. Organizations that have officially endorsed the proposed 18x18 legislation include:
  • Academy of Doctors of Audiology
  • Audiological Resource Association
  • Illinois Academy of Audiology
  • Georgia Academy of Audiology
  • Kentucky Academy of Audiology
  • Maryland Academy of Audiology
  • New York State Speech-Language Hearing Association
  • South Carolina Academy of Audiology
  • Texas Academy of Audiology
To add your association to the list of those officially endorsing 18x18, please download and complete the 18x18 Proclamation Template at: www.18x18.org/resources/proclamation-template and send it to advocacy@audiologist.org. Please visit www.18x18.org for more information and additional resources.
IAA, IANZ and ADA Partner to Advance Autonomous Practice and Enhance Patient Outcomes
Independent Audiologists Australia (IAA), Independent Audiologists New Zealand (IANZ) and the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA), are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic alliance for the purpose of sharing resources, information and best practices among their members.

Best practices know no geographic boundaries and neither does Brian Taylor, Au.D., Editor of ADA’s quarterly publication, Audiology Practices, and Director of Professional Development for Unitron. Earning a reputation as audiology’s global ambassador, Dr. Taylor is credited with bringing together these Aussies, Kiwis and Yankees for the purpose of elevating the independent practice of audiology and improving patient outcomes—anywhere and everywhere in the world. He was an invited presenter at a seminar in Melbourne, Australia, where members of both IAA and IANZ discussed the challenges and opportunities in independent audiology practice today.

“A partnership with IAA and IANZ, who are already closely aligned, is a natural fit for ADA whose longstanding commitment to autonomous practice has helped shape audiology’s transformation into an independent doctoring profession in the United States,” said Dr. Taylor. “Autonomy in practice doesn’t mean you want to go it alone—we all have much to learn from each other.”

In addition to goodwill, the alliance members plan to generate some great products for their collective members, who are looking to stay abreast of important trends and the latest clinical and business practices. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with like-minded colleagues from across the world,” said ADA President, Brian Urban, Au.D. “It is incredibly gratifying to build an international alliance for the purpose of advancing the autonomous practice of audiology and exceptional patient outcomes locally and globally.”

Audiology’s landscape is rapidly changing, and now, more than ever, audiologists are seeking to incorporate novel approaches into their practices. The ADA-IAA-IANZ alliance will allow each organization to leverage a broader brain trust and incorporate more diverse perspectives, more rapidly, creating a perfect climate for innovation in practice.
ADA Launches New Website, Logo and Tagline to Embody “The Power to Practice”
The Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) is pleased to unveil its new logo, tagline and website, which embody its commitment to best practices, autonomous practice and advancement of the profession of audiology. Visit www.audiologist.org to view the website and resources.

“ADA exists to facilitate member access to information, education and relationships that will help them practice successfully and confidently,” said ADA President Brian Urban, Au.D., “and we are equally focused on ensuring that audiologists are empowered to practice autonomously. That is why we chose, ‘The Power to Practice’ as the tagline that will represent our academy going forward.”

The new website is more than just a pretty face—ADA has added more than 100 new resources to the Resource Library including 60 videos, featuring the best presentations from the past several conventions. The resources are being made available free of charge to ADA members—and ADA will be applying for CE credit for several of them in the near future. Other features include enhanced navigation and a user-friendly interface.

“We want to make sure that The Power to Practice is reflected in everything we do—from our quarterly magazine, Audiology Practices, to our convention, to our evangelism of the 18x18 movement to ensure professional parity and recognition for audiologists as the professionals of choice for audiologic care," said Dr. Urban.

Please visit
www.audiologist.org and take a test drive.
ADA has joined forces with Trust Risk Management Services, Inc. (TRMS) to bring you Professional Liability and Business Office Insurance Programs, just for audiologists.
The Professional Liability Insurance Program offers you many new and attractive benefits:
  • Occurrence coverage for a broad range of audiology practice settings;
  • Supplemental coverages such as License Protection, Defendant Expense Benefit, Deposition Representation, and Assault automatically included in the policy;
  • Significant discounts including 5% for applying online and 10% when you switch to the ADA-Endorsed Program from another carrier;
  • Flexibility to include professional assistants working as employees in your practice as necessary ;
  • Access to licensed and trained customer service representatives to answer your questions and assist with your insurance needs; and
  • An insurance policy provided by ACE American Insurance Company. ACE Group companies are rated “A+ Superior” by A.M. Best.
If you own your own practice, you may also need Business Office Insurance to protect you from “Business and Property” exposures. This combines some of the essential insurance coverages needed by a typical small to medium-sized business, operating in a low-risk category like yours, into one standard package. The policy includes coverage for:
  • Building and/or Contents;
  • General Liability;
  • Business Interruption;
  • Crime; and
  • Non-Owned Auto (optional).
For complete information about the Professional Liability and Business Office Insurance Programs or to apply for the coverage, please visit https://ada.trustrms.com, email TRMS at ADAinfo@trustrms.com, or call TRMS toll free at 855-335-1232 (M–F, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Central Time).
Register for ADA 2014 —Raising the Stakes: Going All in for Audiology November 6-9 at Red Rock Resort
Sometimes the only way to win is to change the game! Join audiology’s most prestigious group of professional and industry thought leaders at the ADA 2014 Convention, Raising the Stakes: Going All In for Audiology, to be held November 6-9 at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Raise the stakes, go all in, and discover the game-changing education and networking opportunities that will forever transform the way you practice. (See next page for a sneak peek at this year's exciting courses and events!)

ADA 2014 is uniquely designed for both audiologists and students involved or interested in autonomous practice. The convention schedule features sessions that offer a wide variety of hands-on practical business knowledge and insightful clinical education.

Attention ADA members: Your non-audiologist staff (front office staff, operations staff, marketing staff etc.) may register for the ADA convention at the ADA member rate, by virtue of your membership in ADA. Please contact ADA headquarters or cdevine@audiologist.org for more information and to register your team.

Visit www.audiologist.org to view the game changing sessions and to register today!
ADA Partners with Quantus to Bring More Value to Members While Advancing ADA Initiatives
ADA has signed an endorsement agreement with Quantus Health Solutions to bring a new opportunity for medical payment processing services to members. Medical offices process credit cards differently than retail businesses and are often set up incorrectly with their current Banks/Processors or credit card providers. Quantus has designed a specific medical program with competitive processing fees and added value. Plus, through this agreement, ADA will earn commissions on referrals, which will be used to advance member-driven initiatives!

Quantus Medical Payment Service Features include:
  • 1.00% Visa, MasterCard, and Discover qualified medical rates
  • 2.55% American Express medical rate
  • Next day funding of your deposits
  • Reprogram your existing credit card machine or provide you one at no cost
  • ZERO start up fees to enroll
  • Robust online reporting tool
  • HIPAA and PCI compliant
  • 90 Day Risk Free Clinical Trial
Get Started Today! Review your current monthly statement and if you are not receiving medical rates and next day funding contact Quantus at 877-604-6477 or info@audiologist.org for more information.