Have You Heard (March 2014)

ADA 2014 Student Business Plan Competition Underway
Attention ADA 3rd and 4th Year Students—Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of adventure? Does your future include private practice ownership? If so, it’s time to get down to business as a participant for the ADA 2014 Business Plan Competition.

During the first round, contestants will be required to submit only the executive summary for their business plan for the judges to review. Contestants who are invited to the second round will be required to submit a complete written business plan using SBA guidelines. Finalists will receive an all-expense paid trip to the ADA 2014 Annual Convention at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 6-9, 2014, where they will present their business plans in person.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a $5,000 ADA cash grant to be used to advance business objectives and enhance business and leadership skills.

Business plans will be judged based on the following criteria:
  1. Creativity
  2. Feasibility
  3. Completeness
  4. Cohesiveness throughout the document
  5. Professionalism and polish
Please take the following link for more information and to submit your application/notice of intent to participate today: www.audiologist.org/ada-student-business-plan-rubric.
ADA to Offer New Practice Resource Catalog
ADA is pleased to announce the introduction of our Practice Resource Catalog. This catalog will ultimately offer a comprehensive library of off the shelf forms, office forms, documents and guidance materials. These materials will assist audiologists and their staffs with practice operations, compliance, and patient management. The first three forms, the FDA required Medical Clearance and Medical Waiver, and the Medicare Required ABN, will be offered to members, at no charge, in a writable format (Microsoft Word).

ADA will also offer our members a number of additional forms and documents, in writable, customizable formats, at deeply discounted prices. Our first offerings will be:
  • HIPAA Security Policy (created specifically for ADA and audiology practices by law firm Roderick, Linton and Belfance)
    • This will assist you in complying with the HIPAA Security Rule, which has been in effect since 2005
  • Patient Registration form, including patient demographics, marketing tracking, basic case history, PQRS medication documentation, and the required HIPAA acknowledgements
  • Adult Case History, with review of systems
  • Office and Financial Policy document
  • 2014 Superbill with PQRS and ICD 9
  • 2014 Superbill with PQRS and ICD10
These forms will be available either a la carte or in packaged formats. New products will be introduced throughout 2014. Please visit www.audiologist.org for more information or to purchase any of the available products.
18x18 Ushers in a New Era of Audiology—Are We Up to the Challenge? Yes We Are!
The audiology community was recently asked if it is up to the challenge of achieving 18x18 and you have proven that it is! Your commitment to build a new era in audiology achieved amazing results in just the first two months of the year.

Continued member support has resulted in a successful fundraising campaign that will enable us to continue to strengthen advocacy efforts in support of legislation that will amend Title 18 of the Social Security Act to achieve the following:
  • Direct access for patients to audiologists;
  • Expanded access to coverage to include all Medicare-covered services that audiologists are licensed by their states to provide; and
  • Limited Licensed Physician status to define audiologists as physicians (only under the Medicare definition), which will put audiologists in professional parity with other non-M.D. doctors including dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, and podiatrists.
Thanks to you, federal legislators have been receiving a steady flow of correspondence through ADA’s Congressional Connect tool, which allows you to easily customize and send letters of support for 18x18 to your federal legislators.

While Medicare has not kept pace with changes in health care delivery models for diagnosing and treating hearing and balance disorders, our members certainly have! And with your help, Medicare patients, audiology providers and American taxpayers will all be able to be better served through the introduction and passage of 18x18 legislation. Visit www.18x18.org for more information and to view the 1Q 2014 18x18 Briefing Webinar.
ADA 2014 Convention Raising the Stakes and Going All In for Audiology
Save the Date for ADA 2014 Convention, “Raising the Stakes: Going All In for Audiology” to be held November 6-9 at Red Rock Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This year’s program will feature a keynote presentation by Frank Lin, M.D., a leading voice on Hearing Loss and Healthy Aging.

Dr. Lin is an Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology, Geriatric Medicine, Mental Health, and Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Dr. Lin's clinical practice is dedicated to otology and the medical and surgical management of hearing loss. His epidemiologic research focuses on how hearing loss impacts the health and functioning of older adults and the role of hearing rehabilitative strategies in potentially mitigating these effects. In particular, his research group has demonstrated that hearing loss in older adults is strongly and independently associated with the risk of cognitive decline, incident dementia, impairments in physical functioning and mobility, and greater health care resource utilization in multiple epidemiologic studies. His research has been extensively covered in the media including the New York Times and the BBC, and he has appeared on CBS This Morning and the Charlie Rose show. Dr. Lin completed his medical education, residency in Otolaryngology, and Ph.D. in Clinical Investigation, all at Johns Hopkins. He completed further otologic fellowship training in Lucerne, Switzerland.

2014 Convention Registration opens on May 6th. Be on the lookout for a special post card that will allow you to “Go All In” for a discount on the registration!
ADA’s Virtual Student Chapter Council is Moving Full Speed Ahead —Student Opportunities Abound
ADA’s Virtual Student Chapter Council, led by 4th Year Au.D. student Brianne Wright, is doing some amazing work to engage Au.D. students and to provide them with tools and resources that will be most useful to them as they complete their studies and enter practice! Members of the VSC are currently working on plans for student educational courses both online and onsite at the 2014 ADA convention in November, as well as initializing student advocacy, membership, fundraising and service efforts. Additional volunteers are always welcome--students who are interested in participating on innovative committees should contact Brianne Wright and Stephanie Czuhajewski today at sczuhajewski@audiologist.org.