Headquarter's Report: Strategically Speaking, ADA is Listening

Author: Brian Taylor, Au.D.

ADA exists to achieve the vision of its members—a vision to ensure practitioner ownership of the audiology profession through the advancement of autonomous practice models. Professional ownership and autonomy, represent why ADA is here. These are the member-driven principles that guide ADA leaders and the standard by which we measure everything that we do as an organization. Before we say goodbye to 2014, and hello to the New Year, we’d like to invite you to help assess ADA’s focus and performance, as it relates to accomplishing the strategic objectives that matter most to ADA members and the audiology community. Please take a few minutes to review the following information and visit www.audiologist.org/memberinput to let us know how we are doing. ADA is on a Mission: To advance practitioner excellence, high ethical standards, professional autonomy and sound business practices in the provision of quality audiologic care (this is how we plan to achieve professional ownership and autonomy).
Figure 1

ADA’s Strategic Focus
  • To ensure that ADA members have access to information, education and relationships that reflect and support best clinical and business practices.
  • To ensure that ADA members have the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to achieve ownership positions in professional practices.
ADA’s service pillars include advocacy, awareness, and the development of resources that promote best business and clinical practices, autonomous practice, ownership and member engagement (these service pillars represent broadly what we do and deliver to members).
ADA’s 2014 Key Initiatives/Services
  • Enhanced educational and networking opportunities through online programming and the ADA Convention (Best business and clinical practices)
  • Advancement of 18x18 and the Audiology Patient Choice Act (Advocacy and autonomous practice)
  • Introduction of the Positive Cues Advertising Initiative and development of customizable ads for ADA members (Awareness)
  • Professional Leadership Training Program (Autonomous practice & ownership and member engagement)
  • Mentoring Program (Autonomous practice & ownership and member engagement)
  • Practice Match (Autonomous practice & ownership)
  • Virtual Student Chapter (Best business and clinical practices and member engagement)
  • Practice Trends Survey (Best business and clinical practices and autonomous practice & ownership)
  • Billing, Coding & Reimbursement Education & Resources (Best business and clinical practices)
  • Resource Catalogue featuring forms, toolkits and templates for practice (Best business and clinical practices and autonomous practice & ownership)
ADA’s Commitment to Continuous Improvement
Planning for 2015 is underway—and we want your input! Please help us to better serve you. Share your ideas and feedback regarding current ADA products and service offerings—as well as your recommendations for future member services at www.audiologist.org/memberinput, or by contacting me at sczuhajewski@audiologist.org.