You Are The Power to Practice

Author: Stephanie Czuhajewski, Executive Director

ADA is merely a structure that houses the culture and values of its members. It is built on a foundation, the ADA mission, and fortified by the actions of the membership body.

More specifically, ADA, as an organization, is dedicated to practitioner excellence, high ethical standards, professional autonomy and sound business practices in the provision of quality audiologic care—precisely because its members are. ADA members continually ratify and personify the ADA vision to ensure practitioner ownership of the profession of audiology through the advancement of autonomous practice models. This mission and vision can be summed up in four words, “The Power to Practice!”

ADA recently adopted "The Power to Practice" as its tagline so that all stakeholders can readily understand that ADA exists to provide its members, with the tools, resources, opportunities and information that will help foster their Power to Practice, while recognizing that the Power to Practice stems from the wisdom and tenacity of the members themselves.
Figure 1

Figure 1 illustrates how ADA, through its members can provide and advance The Power to Practice within the audiology community.

The Power to Practice reflects the high expectations that ADA members hold for themselves and for the future of the profession. The Power to Practice embodies ‘paying it forward’ through mentorship and ‘paying it back’ through volunteer service. The Power to Practice means embracing change and disruptive innovation without compromising the enduring principles and competencies that are necessary for positive patient outcomes. The Power to Practice requires us to champion advocacy efforts that elevate our profession and ensure safe, efficient and exceptional care for our patients.

The Power to Practice underscores the belief that audiologists have the power and are empowered to achieve their goals!

You, as ADA members, power this organization and with your ongoing support and direction, ADA will continue to develop and deliver the tools, resources, information and networks that will ensure that you and those that follow you will have The Power to Practice autonomously.

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