Heat up Your Practice with 10 Cool Ideas

Author: Stephanie Czuhajewski, Executive Director

ADA’s strategic objectives are centered on providing tools and resources that will advance best clinical and business practices in audiology—and that will allow audiologists to obtain the knowledge, resources and skills to achieve an ownership position within a practice.

There are a number of meaningful ways for members to use ADA resources—and as we head towards the second half of 2011, here are 10 cool ideas to heat up your practice.

  1. Join an ADA Peer-to-Peer small group: If you are interested in networking with peers on a year-round basis to discuss specific practice management issues, please contact ADA headquarters at info@audiologist.org to sign up to join an ADA Peer-to-Peer small group.
  2. Sign up for the ADA 2011 Annual Con-vention! “Rock the Boat: How to Practice, Manage & Lead in Rough Waters” will be held November 3-5th at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort in Bonita Springs, FL. Join your peers and thought leaders within the audiology profession for insightful and practical education and meaningful networking opportunities. Visit www.audiologist.org/events for more information and to register today!
  3. Enroll in ADA’s Audiology Business Man-agement Training Program: ADA is pleased to introduce the Audiology Business Management Training Program, which is designed to equip audiologists with the tools and training needed to effectively manage the business components of a private practice. Module 1: Financial Management will be launched as a six-hour pre-conference workshop. The curriculum, developed by ADA’s education committee and delivered by experts, will provide the knowledge and education necessary to expand the skill sets of audiologists who have limited, intermediate and advanced knowledge of business management. For more information visit www.audiologist.org.
  4. Serve on a committee: ADA has seven open committees including membership, education, convention, practice resource, advocacy, website and mentoring—there is no better way to network and learn, while sharing your knowledge with ADA members and supporting ADA initiatives.
  5. Read Audiology Practices for the latest news and informative articles with tools that you can implement in your practice immediately.
  6. Submit questions to your peers using the ADA Connect Listserv. It is one of the best ways to get quick feedback and sound advice from other practitioners and to share your experiences with your peers.
  7. Listen to archived presentations: ADA’s Healthy Practice webinars are available to members and provide informative sessions on financial management, marketing, pricing, reimbursement and business planning. Visit www.audiologist.org for more information.
  8. Customize marketing materials for your practice with Hear for You: ADA’s Hear for You resources provide audiologists with off the shelf marketing materials including press releases, slide presentations and brochures that you can use to for outreach in your community.
  9. Invite ADAM (ADA man) to your office: ADAM was created by Genna Martin (Dangerous Decibels Program) using a used fashion mannequin and a sound level meter wired to a silicon ear. You may reserve ADAM for open houses and other special events in your community. He is a great tool for educating about noise induced hearing loss. Contact ADA headquarters at 866-493-5544 to reserve ADAM for your next special event.
  10. Visit www.audiologist.org on a regular basis for the latest news, tools and educational resources on key topics such as third party reimbursement, financing your practice, human resources, advocacy and business administration.