Headquarters Report: Ringing in the New Year with Renewed Commitment to Serve

Over the past ten years, I have had the privilege to serve as ADA’s executive director—and I am grateful every day for the opportunity to serve the profession of audiology, and such a magnificent group of people as ADA members. My favorite part of my job is helping you do yours by facilitating your access to the information and resources that you need, or putting you in touch with just the right person to help you with a specific issue.

I want to make sure that ADA continues to deliver the knowledge and connections that are the most useful to you. If you have not received it already, a member survey will be finding its way to your inbox soon. We want your input on the tools, benefits, and resources that you would like ADA to create, continue, or change in order to bring you the most value in your practice.

Your opinion matters! Based on member input, ADA has added specific content to the resource library and expanded student programming, to assist seasoned practice owners with identifying quality talent for succession planning—and to provide students and early career professionals (ECP) with opportunities to enter into ownership positions within private practices. We are expanding the 2018 AuDacity program, to include an ECP track, and we are revamping the career and practice sale centers on the website as well (stay tuned).

Based on member feedback, ADA also recently incorporated a bundled payment option for practices with several audiologists. Beginning with the 2018 dues cycle, practices can opt for a single flat rate of $1,000 to cover all audiologists and audiology assistants within the practice.

These changes reflect some of the recent enhancements that ADA is making to better serve members. We are also in the process of prioritizing the suggestions and ideas that ADA members brought forward during the 2017 Audiology Hackathon. We will be reaching out to ADA members in the coming weeks with more information, and to seek your participation in working groups to carry those ideas to fruition.

In addition to the more structured surveys and member forums, I also welcome your individual thoughts and feedback about ADA and its leadership and staff. Please contact me any time at 866-493-5544 or at [email protected] if you have a comment or concern that you would like to share with me, or that you would like communicated to the ADA board of directors.

Thank you again for the last 10 years—and here’s looking forward to our next 10!