The 18 by 18 Movement: Let’s Finish the Work that Will Secure the Future of Audiology

Author: Nancy Green, Au.D.

In 1988 ADA sponsored the first Conference on Professional Education (CPE) for Audiology which called for audiology training to move to a doctoral level. Out of this effort, the Audiology Foundation of America (AFA) was formed with a charge to “transform audiology to a doctoral profession with the Au.D. as its distinctive designator.”

During that historic CPE conference, audiology thought leaders recognized that achieving the Au.D. degree was only half the journey toward autonomy and ideal patient care. Now, 25 years later, we have the opportunity to finish the work that they began—work which will fully transform the profession of audiology to an autonomous doctoring profession.

To that end, ADA’s top organizational priority is to advance legislation that will amend Title XVIII (18) of the Social Security Act by 2018, to provide for the treatment of audiologists as physicians for purposes of furnishing audiology services under the Medicare Program, to enable Medicare beneficiaries to have their choice of qualified audiologist and to provide for a broadened scope of audiology services available for coverage under the Medicare program.

The proposed 18 by 18 legislation will provide:
  • Limited license physician status under Medicare
  • Direct Access to audiologists by
  • Medicare subscribers
  • Comprehensive audiology benefits under Medicare
Please view the detailed handout on page 43 and the article by Dr. Kim Cavitt (page 36) for more information about the proposed 18 by 18 legislation. The Au.D. movement succeeded because audiologists from Annapolis to Zanesville were unified and tenacious and relentless and stubborn and unwilling to settle for a lesser outcome. I remember those battles, all of which were uphill (in fact, I still have the scars!). Like so many things that require great sacrifices, though, achieving the Au.D. was worth it. 18 by 18 is worth it, too.

18 by 18 is a grassroots movement that will require the dedication and commitment of every audiologist and every audiology organization in order to succeed.  ADA is committed to ensuring that the doctoring profession of audiology is recognized as the entry point for audiologic care. I look forward to working with you to achieve 18 by 18!

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