ADA & Its Members Prove Fearless When it Comes to Advancing the Future of Audiology

Author: Brian Urban, Au.D.

Since the launch of the 18x18 movement at the annual membership meeting in Phoenix last year, I have witnessed an outpouring of support and enthusiasm that has reached well beyond Audiology. Many, from students to retired audiologists to non-members, have stepped up to press our profession forward. Yet, at the same time, I have had numerous Audiologists approach me with cautious, disbelieving questions typically delivered in a hushed tone.

"What happens if 18x18 fails?”

“What happens if Audiologists do not support the movement?”

“Why does ADA always have to challenge the status quo?”

To me, those are all the same question. ADA challenges the status quo when our members demand it. Those same members provide unrelenting volunteer and financial support to ensure that we achieve our goals (regardless of initial opposition or ongoing challenges). For as long as 18x18 is in the best interest of Audiology, ADA leadership, staff, and most importantly our members will see it through.

So what of those that say 18x18 is asking too much? Or that we will never achieve it? Well, we all know how this works. Their concerns are based on a mountain of fear. Fear tells you what you shouldn't do rather than what you must. Fear convinces you that individuals are powerless when history has proven just the opposite time and time again. Fear cannot carry the day. ADA has never been afraid nor will it ever be. Why am I so sure? Because ADA is driven by the same people that change face of Audiology on a daily basis in their own practices and in their communities.

The ADA convention last month was a powerful example how a group of dedicated individuals can not only start a movement but step up their efforts when others may have faded away. Once again the convention – from the student business plan competition, to networking and educational programming, to the membership meeting – was filled with enthusiasm, ideas, and most importantly, high expectations. ADA and the 18x18 Movement have achieved much in 2013, but 2014 is right around the corner. And with it brings a whole new set of opportunities.

  • Continuing our efforts in Washington, D.C. and in our home districts to gain wide support for 18x18
  • Working with all other willing Audiology and allied health organizations to advance our profession
  • Supporting students in transition to a career as an autonomous professional
  • Delivering outstanding educational opportunities throughout the year
  • Engaging the talents and enthusiasm of our members through focused, productive committees
I am more excited than ever to be an audiologist and incredibly honored to be your President. We have much to do to achieve 18x18. And we will do it together.

We will never conform to the status quo if that means allowing others tells us our place. We will continue to fight without fear—because ADA’s members carry unending fortitude when it comes to the betterment of our profession and the betterment of patients we serve.