President's Message: Do We Have What It Takes?

Author: Angela Morris, Au.D.

Those of us who read Audiology listservs, blogs and social media, know that there is a huge variance in what Audiologists feel is the way of the future for this profession. How does an organization like ADA know which is the right way, or the best way to proceed?

I was thrilled that, at our first AuDACITY conference, many members took the initiative to participate in ADA’s Member Strategic Planning (SP) session. It was great to see members take action and take advantage of the opportunity to help determine the direction of ADA, using their personal insight and experiences to guide decisions. Those members, who were not there in person, received a full summary of the discussion, with another invitation to provide additional feedback. I am pleased to report that members have provided consistent priorities for ADA, and we have received positive feedback regarding the direction ADA is going, which is great! Member participation and open dialogue are truly the only ways that we, as volunteer leaders, can know which direction ADA members believe that the organization should go.

First Quarter Update: ADA and its leaders are working hard on the initiatives that members said were important in our SP meeting. We are continuing our efforts to advance 18x18 legislation and protect audiology’s scope of practice. We have assembled a task force and implemented a survey for members regarding the discussion on group purchasing organizations (GPOs). We are also harvesting and creating a wealth of information for Audiologists to use to make their practices flourish in the coming years.

ADA is the nimblest of organizations, and it is well equipped to take advantage of changes in our profession at the fastest rate. However, we do need your input to help guide us along the way. In that respect, I urge you to volunteer for committees, participate in events such as AuDACITY and provide your thoughts and feedback through member surveys, virtual town hall meetings and through one-on-one conversations with staff and volunteer leaders.

Finally, please consider giving to the ADA PAC or Advocacy Fund. The only way we can continue working on the two main items of importance, as identified by our members, is through the commitments and contributions of each and every member. Typically, members wait until the conference to give to these endeavors, and that is much appreciated! However, now more than ever, we need your support today. I know I sound like a broken record, but I want 2017 to be our year! Remember it’s 18 BY 18! This is our year to get things accomplished. Over the next couple of months, we will be “hitting it hard” for each of you, and we need your support to succeed.

Together, we have what it takes to get things done! Let us hear your voice and let’s advance Audiology to the next level.