Your Voice and Your Vote Matter

Author: Eric Hagberg, Au.D.

2012 is an important election year—both for our nation and for the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA). Many of the specific issues that we must consider as Americans, will also impact us as professional audiologists. The legislative and regulatory environment is uncertain, as is the economic landscape. Emerging technologies and healthcare delivery models will continue to impact the way that we serve our patients—and the way that our patients view us.

There will be a large number of retiring audiologists over the next decade, and there are not enough students graduating to replace them. Fewer audiologists, coupled with increases in demand for our services as the baby boomer population ages, will stretch our capacity as never before.

Threats and opportunities for autonomous practitioners abound, and it is more important than ever for us to work together. As ADA members, we share a vested interest and a passionate desire to provide exceptional care for our patients and to assure the wide adoption of autonomous practice models.

ADA’s purpose is to protect and advance our collective professional interests and to provide us with access to tools and resources that will help us succeed in our individual practices. Just as it is our civic duty to make an informed vote for our elected government officials, we also have a professional duty to select from our peers, the leaders that will implement and execute the initiatives that will achieve our unified objectives.

You don’t just belong to ADA—ADA also belongs to you. ADA is truly guided by a democratic process that is strengthened by the voice of each voting member. I encourage you to thoughtfully consider the tremendous slate of candidates presented by the 2012 ADA Nominating Committee (beginning on page 42). Each of these qualified candidates brings a unique perspective, background and expertise. Please review the candidates’ biographical information and position statements and be prepared to cast your vote in August. ADA voting members may also nominate additional candidates from our membership as provided in the ADA bylaws (please contact Stephanie Czuhajewski at 866-493-5544 for more information).

I would like to thank this year’s Nominating Committee comprised of Dr. Bruce Vircks, Dr. Charlie Stone and Dr. Jim McDonald for developing such an outstanding slate of candidates for our consideration. I would also like to thank all of the candidates for making the commitment to dedicate their time, knowledge and talent to serve ADA and its members.

Your voice and your vote have never mattered more. I look forward to an unprecedented voter turnout for the ADA 2012 election, and to the continued advancement of our profession!