Rock the Boat

Author: Bruce Vircks, Au.D.

With the ADA Convention just around the corner, I am already thinking about the balmy breezes, the sand between my toes and the sun clipping the water at dusk on the west coast of Florida.

As my term as ADA President comes to a close, I am also thinking about the choppy waters that we navigate every day as audiologists. The ADA Connect listserv has been flooded lately with professional issues such as coding and reimbursement, bundling vs unbundling, certification dilemmas, misguided state licensure laws, the misrepresentation of audiology to the general public and the omission of audiology altogether by journalists covering hearing and balance in the media.

ADA’s 2011 convention theme, “Rock the Boat: How to Practice, Manage and Lead in Rough Waters,” is a good match for the current economic and audiology markets. The convention program is stellar, packed with exceptional clinical and business education—and filled with tremendous opportunities to learn about the latest technologies and services offered by your industry partners.

But that isn’t why you should come. There is something much more important.

It is my sincere hope that you will come to Bonita Springs on November 3rd to engage in a dialogue with your peers that will be so meaningful that it will forever change the way you practice and view your profession.

Whether you’re struggling with a professional issue or looking for some new ideas to invigorate your practice, you will find your solution at ADA 2011. Why? Because you will find other audiologists there who have been where you’ve been—who understand (all too well) the obstacles that you face, and who will be more than happy to give you the advice that you need to over-come them.

ADA 2011 isn’t just a conference—it’s an experience. And ADA isn’t just another association to join—it’s a place where you belong. Our community of autonomous practitioners is growing rapidly—a groundswell of activity, now over 1,000 strong. We are changing audiology from the inside out, through professional development, peer mentoring, and grassroots efforts that are demolishing outdated paradigms, which have hindered the profession for too long.

We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas with people who share your passion for the profession, your dedication to autonomous practice, and your commitment to quality and patient care.

So come to ADA 2011. Earn some CEUs. Make some friends. Solve some problems. Walk on the beach. We’re all in the same boat. Let’s rock it together.

Visit ADA’s new website at for more information about the 2011 convention and other upcoming initiatives.