President's Message: "5304 Reasons to be Excited"

Author: Brian Taylor, Au.D.

If the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, the 18x18 Movement has just taken 5304 crucial leaps forward. With the introduction of the Audiology Patient Choice Act (H.R. 5304), we are all closer to achieving a monumental goal for our entire profession. Now I could talk on and on about how incredibly proud I am of this organization along with its members, leadership, executive staff, and legislative team. Because I truly am. But as we know ADA is composed of visionaries and as such, we are continually asking “What’s next?”

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Strength in Numbers
Every good bill needs co-sponsors. During this Congressional break, hundreds of ADA members have used Congressional Connect to contact their representatives. And it is working. We are continuing build up support from both sides of the aisle and are excited to keep the momentum going.

Eyes on the Senate
ADA is focused on developing and releasing a companion bill in the Senate. Thanks to the hard work of our executive and legislative teams, ADA members have been well received by their Senators. This will require continued effort, but we can look forward to progress this year.

We Gather with a Purpose
If you are considering attending the ADA convention in Las Vegas, stop considering and get signed up. The contagious energy and enthusiasm of the 18x18 Movement will be on full display. This is something you must feel to believe. On top of that, this year is stacked with incredible presenters and as always, by far, the best networking in the business. I have learned more while talking poolside with fellow members than I did in my first year of grad school. Education comes in many forms and they are all waiting for you this November.

Every few decades we have the opportunity to do something big for our profession. First it was the fight to ethically dispense hearing instruments, then it was struggle to make the Au.D. degree a reality. Now it is time fulfill our destiny and achieve Limited License Physician status under Medicare.

Each step, whether big or small, gets us to where we are going. ADA and 18x18 are on Mission. And H.R. 5304 is just the beginning. See you in Vegas!