Valuable Business and Reimbursement Resources

Author:Kim Cavitt, Au.D.

Upon review of the recent ADA member survey, I noted that many members indicated a desire for additional business and reimbursement resources. I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight some of the resources available from ADA and its partners.
There are numerous HIPAA resources available on the ADA website and through the ADA store.

First, there is a great deal of information, regarding both the 1996 legislation and the 2013 Omnibus changes, available at

You can also follow this link ( to obtain information about the HIPAA Toolkit, which was created by the law firm, Roderick, Linton and Belfance, specifically for ADA members. This toolkit contains all of the materials required to meet the changes that resulted from the 2013 Omnibus Rule.

ADA also created a complimentary member webinar on the 2013 Omnibus changes and HIPAA and it can be accessed at
ADA, through its representative Alicia Spoor, Au.D., has been an active participant in the Audiology Quality Consortium and the PQRS process since its inception in 2009. There are many resources available in the PQRS section of the ADA website at
In 2013, ADA added Thomas R. Goyne, Au.D., as ADA’s newest contracted member resource. In this role, Dr. Goyne works with ADA to develop and distribute practice management tools and resources for ADA members and will also answer basic member questions about practice management free of charge.

Dr. Goyne, a long-time ADA member, has more than 15 years of clinical experience in academic medical institutions and private practice. He is the owner of Aberdeen Audiology in Wayne, Pennsylvania, adjunct professor at the George S. Osborne College of Audiology within Salus University, and is also a consultant with Oracle Hearing Group, a practice management consulting firm, established exclusively to provide professional support to individuals and institutions that practice Audiology. Members can visit, where new materials, tips and resources will be posted on a regular basis. Members may also contact Dr. Goyne directly at to ask specific questions.
The ADA website contains an entire section of information related to coding, reimbursement and compliance. Members can access these pages in the pull-down menu at

There are also several complimentary member webinars on these topics available at We will also be hosting a 2014 Coding and Reimbursement update webinar in late January 2014. Please watch your email for more information.

Finally, members have unlimited access to me, Kim Cavitt, Au.D., for help with their coding, reimbursement, and compliance issues. I was a clinical audiologist and preceptor at The Ohio State University and Northwestern University for the first ten years of her career. Since 2001, I have has operated her own Audiology consulting firm, Audiology Resources, Inc. Audiology Resources, Inc. provides comprehensive operational and reimbursement consulting services. My guidance is a value added benefit of ADA membership. I can be reached at or 773-960-6625.
ADA has several practice related sample forms and documents available on the ADA website at

Due to member requests, the member survey results, and demand for the ADA HIPAA Toolkit, in the first quarter of 2013 we plan to launch ADA Chart, a resource where members can purchase customizable forms and documents for their practice. Please watch your email for more information.

As you have seen, ADA offers a vast array of resources to their members, at little to no additional charge. Our webinars, either live or recorded, are always available and always free, even when CEUs are available. Please contact our Executive Director, Stephanie Czuhajewski at, if there are any additional resources or assistance you believe ADA should offer to its members. We at ADA are always looking for ways to be of value to you, your practices, and our profession.    
Kim Cavitt, Au.D. was a clinical audiologist and preceptor at The Ohio State University and Northwestern University for the first ten years of her career. Since 2001, Dr. Cavitt has operated her own Audiology consulting firm, Audiology Resources, Inc. She currently serves on the Board of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and the State of Illinois Speech Pathology and Audiology Licensure Board. She also serves on committees through AAA and ASHA and is an Adjunct Lecturer at Northwestern University.